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  • Tips and techniques that relate to each food ;
  • Tables  listing methods of preparation along with approximate cooking times;
  • “Flavors That Go” which lists ingredients traditionally used with the target food;
  • Classic Recipe Titles which feature the selected food.
  • How To Use Example

    Choose the food category on the orange horizontal navigation bar above and specific foods from the vertical navigation bar on the left.

    Let’s choose CAULIFLOWER as our target food.

    When you think of cauliflower do you think of a curried cauliflower fritter?

    I didn’t until I examined cauliflower page. When the pieces came together and sparked my imagination, I Googled this apparition of a title that the page brought to mind.

    Sure enough there it was and Jamie Oliver thought of it before we did. All of his ingredients were on our page except for the beer (which is a common fritter or tempura ingredient.)

    Using CAULIFLOWER as an example here's what you will find :


    On the cauliflower page we have a picture and tips about using it. This may be especially useful with some less common food items .

    The Methods and Time Table

    To look at our Cauliflower Cooking Methods Chart Click Here.

    The "Methods and Time Table" lists approximate cooking times for each of the methods, factoring in the size and how it is cut. Also provided is a "Test for Doneness."  If a  food needs a certain finish temperature to be safe (turkey for example) that temperature is indicated. If a texture or consistency is commonly called for, it is described. But, unless safety is involved, you will be the one deciding the ideal texture and consistency for your needs.

    Here we found deep fried fritters among the cooking techniques listed for cauliflower.

    The Flavors That Go

    The "Flavors that Go" box gives you more to think about and choose. 

    It is not a recipe.  It is there to help you to make a dish based on cauliflower plus other ingredients that you already have on hand. The recipe will be your own, but if you wish, it can be based on traditions for that particular food.

    Click Here to see the "Flavors that Go" table for Cauliflower

    First, notice that cauliflower is commonly used in Mediterranean, East Mediterranean and Indian cuisine. If you are cooking in one of those traditions, cauliflower just might fit in.  Or, because you found a beautiful head of cauliflower, you may think about using it in one of those classic ways. But what comes next might help you to change things to create a cauliflower fusion all your own.

    This list of "flavors that go" is rather long.  What are you supposed to do with these? Get inspired!

    Let’s look at the list. (If you want to know more about the "flavors that go" list and how it came about Click Here.)

    There are vinaigrette ingredients in the cauliflower list – and vinaigrettes are everywhere today. It seems to be THE new sauce. Bacon would work well as a way to add fat to enhance flavor, or you might choose olive oil to as healthier fat.

    The flavors of broccoli and cauliflower pair well together and broccoli would add contrasting color. Additional colors and flavors can be added with red bell pepper, tomato, red onions, or red pepper flakes.

    Celery and celery seeds make an interesting addition to the flavor, and they also reduce the odors associated with cooking cauliflower. (That is suggested in the tips and techniques section.)

    Using curry powder to spice cauliflower is a classic approach as cauliflower is commonly used in Indian cuisine.  I'll make a note of that.
    Combining cheese, eggs and dairy will create cauliflower au gratin - kids love it.

    There are lots of choices to consider in "Flavors that Go." When artfully combined with the cooking methods, the results are sure to please.

    Selected Recipe Titles

    The section listing classic cauliflower recipes gives you the chance to look up a traditional recipe and use it or to modify it using items from the “flavors that go” section.  You decide and create!

    Although this site is not about our recipes, from time to time we may provide a recipe that we have found to be exceptional.

    Say cauliflower, fritter, curry sounds like an interesting (if previously unknown) dish. I know what I have on hand to make it. Now that I know a popular chef has a recipe for this dish I might follow it, or maybe not. I might make it my very my own.

    How do YOU cook cauliflower? Have you tried other ways?

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