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On this site meat refers to beef, lamb, pork, veal, bison, and game meat such as deer and rabbit. Game birds will be found under Poultry.

We are starting with the more common foods, and will soon add less common meats. To find information about a specific type or cut, choose from those listed in the left hand column.

Meat is a complicated subject, so instead of just listing cuts of meat with cooking times and flavors that go we have gone into some detail regarding where certain cuts of meat come from and how that affects the best way to cook them.

Some people only want to see meat in its final packaged ready to cook form. If you find yourself in that group, see the graphic representation of the primal sections and the overview of the typical packaged cuts that come from each primal. For an example, see the diagram for beef in THIS SECTION.

Coming soon will be a photographic primer on how specific cuts are created and prepared that will help you choose meat to fit your needs.

We will also have a section about meat names. A major problem that arises when discussing cuts of meat is the fact that the same piece can be called by many different names, and the same name can be applied to several different cuts of meat. We will try to sort this out a bit or at least stir the pot of confusion.


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