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How Long To Cook Steak

Many significant yet difficult or impossible to control factors determine how long to cook steak, so the best way to approach this undertaking is with a thermometer, not a clock.

Cooking time is based on the thickness of the steak, the fat content of the meat, the amount of heat used to cook it, the cooking method, and many other influential factors. As a result, "time" is just an estimate.

To determine how you want your steak to turn out, check our cooking times for beef page by clicking here.

By using temperatures or descriptions from that chart, you will have an idea of when your steak has reached the degree of doneness that you prefer.

We have tips and techniques to make any premium steak better, and they can be found here.

We have charts that approximate the cooking times for various types of steak, and if the type of steak you are about to cook is listed there, that may give you an idea of when to turn it. But again, these are approximations.

Types of beef steak with specific information on this site:

If your steak is not specifically listed above, the table below will give you an idea as to how long to cook your steak based on its thickness. Be sure to check doneness with a thermometer (see beef cooking times ) or cut into the steak to check if it has reached the doneness that you desire.

Steak (general)

Grill Broil or Pan Fry



3/4 inch Medium Heat 6 min total rare
3/4 inch Medium Heat 8 min total medium
1 inch Medium Heat 7 min total rare
1 inch Medium Heat 10 min total medium
1 1/2 inch Medium Heat 10 min total rare
1 1/2 inch Medium Heat 15 min total medium

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