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About Our Flavors That Go Section

To assemble the lists titled: Flavors That Go we have gathered well over 28,000 recipes into a database. This database is constantly growing, and if you check back you will notice that our list of "flavors that go" will also grow and expand.

We use our database to extract the ingredients that are most commonly associated with the target food item. This does a good job of finding the classic and traditional associations between ingredients. After sorting and creating an edited list we examine the ingredients and compare them to items that we have successfully used in the past and to classic recipes as well as to others from trusted sources.

Looking at ingredients in this new light has given us lots of fresh ideas to use when preparing some of our old favorites. But this is not the only way we go about adding Flavors That Go to our list. We also look at foods that are available at a specific time of year, or items that come from a specific locale, and sometimes serendipity leads to unexpected pairing that begins a new tradition for us.

We hope that you find this information useful. If you do I have two favors to ask.

One: experiment with new combinations and when you find a real winning combination send it to us by using the contact us button to the left. We can then share it with others through this site.

Two: Use your favorite bookmarking service to remember to return and to let others know about this site. There is a set of buttons in the "Enjoy this site" box to the left.

Thank you for visiting, please come back often, you can watch us grow.


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