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Celery Recipe & How Long to Cook Celery

celery The lighter, more tender inner stalks called the celery heart, are surrounded by tougher outer stalks. The outer stalks may need to be "deveined" by removing the strings.

Celery is an important member of the aromatic trinity and is combined with carrot and onion to create mirepoix. Mirepoix is the base for many stews, stocks, soups, and sauces. For the Cajun aromatic trinity celery is combined with onion and bell peppers.

Celery Cooking Method

Cook until desired tenderness or until the thickest part pierces easily with thin knife

Raw don't forget celery juice
Boil 1 in. slices 10 min.
Braise saute 4 min. then braise 20 min. then glaze
Steam julienne 6 min.; pieces 15 - 20 min.; heart 10 - 15 min.
Stir Fry or Saute can be cooked at a higher temperature when stir fried with other vegetables, but lower the heat to medium when cooked alone 7 - 10 min.

1 in. chunks 1 cup 2 - 3 min.; 1 in chunks 2 cups 5 - 6 mon.

Pressure Cook

1 in. chunks 4 min.

Cooking times for Celery

Test for Doneness: When pierced easily with a thin knife blade or when it is the texture that you desire.


Celery is grown in Europe Asia and the United States.


Flavors That Go

Common ingredients used in celery recipes include:

bay leaf
bay leaves
brown sugar
cayenne pepper
chicken broth
chicken stock
chili powder
chopped fresh parsley
cider vinegar
curry powder
Dijon mustard
dried oregano
dried thyme
dry red wine
dry white wine
Extra-virgin olive oil
fresh thyme
garlic cloves
green bell pepper
ground cumin
heavy cream
hot pepper sauce
lemon juice
minced garlic
olive oil
red bell pepper
red onion
sour cream
soy sauce
tomato paste
Vegetable oil
whipping cream
whole cloves
Worcestershire sauce
yellow onion

Classic Celery Recipes:

Cream of celery soup
Waldorf Salad
Ants on a Log
Bloody Mary
Buffalo wings




Celery Tips And Techniques

Strings can be removed from the larger outer stalks by breaking the top inch from the stalk, pulling toward the back and bottom of the stalk . The strings will remain connected, just hold onto the broken off top and pull it down the back of the stalk. If strings remain, repeat the process but break off the bottom inch and pull toward the back and the top of the stalk. The strings will come off and the stalk will be deveined.

The crispness of celery can be increased by soaking it is cold water. Fennel can be used in place of celery.


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